About me

About me

Alex Chatmon West is an actor, and award-winning filmmaker that is best known for his work on "Harvested", "Blood & Water", "Angie's Cure", "A Holiday Change", and "Don't Shoot". As a child, Alex entertained himself by watching VHS tapes and memorizing the lines from his favorite actors and scenes. Those who have worked with Alex in the past,  have raved about his range and skill. He proclaims that - Tupac’s monologues from "Juice" and “Above the Rim” are what helped him discover the passion while Will Smith’s charisma in “Bad Boys” and “Independence Day” garnered his interest in action. Studying Will and Tupac helped him learn from both ends of the talent spectrum simultaneously, allowing him to play a District Attorney in "Don’t Shoot", then portray a grimy thug in "Angie’s Cure".

Although Alex did not attend any acting schools, and has no formal training, he jumped right into acting and followed his instincts. After notching a few short films onto his resume, Alex seeked coaching from the late Gary Chason, and learned to become grounded, reactive and responsive. 7 years later he is now a student of Margie Haiber, who focuses on character creation and relationships. To add to his acumen, Alex is skilled with boxing, hand to hand combat, staged combat and tactical weapons training, which can all be seen in "Blood and Water", "Dread" and "Alien Predator". His dream roles are Brad Pitt's character “Tyler Durden” in ”Fight Club” and Will Smith’s character “Steven Hiller” in “Independence Day”. In 2018 Alex was thrilled about the opportunity to play Will Smith’s body-double counterpart in “Gemini Man”. Although another actor was selected, the mere thought and opportunity to have full out fight scenes with Will Smith was confirmation that his dreams were possible.

To bring reality closer, Alex taught himself how to write screenplays, produce and direct films so that he can cast himself for the roles that he desires. In 2016 the self taught writer and filmmaker starred in his own crime/action short film titled “Blood & Water”, which amassed 23 international awards (4X platinum). Amongst the prestigious awards was a Platinum Remi Plaque that was also awarded to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ang Lee and The Coen Brothers in their early days. Since then, Alex has been the 1st Assistant Director on the feature film “The Foriegn Exchange Student" which is on Tubi and Peacock ,  and he wrote, produced and directed "Harvested" in 2021. The look Holiday Horror film went straight to streaming, and will soon be followed by its sequel (Harvested 2).Before the film industry, Alex was a hard nosed semi-professional basketball player for 6 years. Through basketball training, he learned the power of repetition, focus and resilience. Although he retired due to injuries, he still approaches acting and filmmaking as though it is a championship game. The LA native is married to Ruby Lee Dove II who is also an actor and filmmaker.